About Us



We’ve seen firsthand how cannabinoids can elevate people’s lives, boost businesses and transform categories – and we exist to bring these life-changing benefits back to the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to improve access to CBD in Asia by making it easy for businesses to add it to their products and for consumers to add it to their day.

The LIFE team working from their office
A cookie, coffee, acai bowl, juice and chocolate all infused with LIFE products

What We Provide

From legal compliance to importation, formulation and QA, we handle the complexity of working with cannabinoids so you don’t have to. Delivering outstanding performance and great value, LIFE can be easily integrated into a wide range of food, beverage and skincare products during manufacturing, on trade and even at home.

The Altum Family

LIFE is owned by Altum International, a cannabinoid company born from its founders’ desire to bring the life-changing benefits of cannabis back to the Asia-Pacific.

Through its Hong Kong headquarters, Altum is disrupting the status quo of decades past by importing, distributing and marketing a curated range of high-quality cannabinoid products across the region in a compliant and cost-effective manner.

Found Logo-1

Asia’s first (and favourite) CBD cafe and store, Found sells a curated range of high-quality cannabinoid products alongside CBD-infused food and beverages.

Felix & Co Logo-1

Made from US-grown hemp and organic ingredients, Felix & Co caters to beginners and pros alike with CBD and CBG products in a wide range of strengths and formats.


Kind makes high quality medicinal cannabis more accessible and affordable for Australians. High quality, affordable, always available – you can have all three.